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One of these will be predominantly based in Plymouth, Devon at our Head Office, whilst the other will be predominantly based in Exeter, Devon at our dedicated Content Studio and Creation centre.

This is a role which focuses on the technical and creative education support for all internal and external customers.


The primary focus is on the Sales & Distribution of professional hair products sold exclusively to professional salons across England, Scotland & Wales.

A secondary department is focused on the resale, training and ongoing technical support of a Cloud software application specifically catering to the Hair & Beauty industry.

PH Group performs the majority of tasks centrally via the Head Office in Plymouth in addition to a dedicated Content Studio and Training centre located in Exeter.


There are three core categories of work tasks that relate to this role. Two of those categories typically follow established systems with well documented structures and approaches.

These will include but are not limited to: 

Tasks directed at supporting our employees:

  • To support staff in correspondence to customers and customer facing materials with hairdressing, product and technical knowledge.
  • Successful delivery of training plans to new and existing educators ensuring compliance and quality learning outcomes linked to understanding and improvement of the represented brands.
  • Deliver induction training for Sales Reps
  • Create and keep relevant feedback on Sales Rep Product Knowledge tests

Tasks directed at customers:

  • Providing technical information and guidance to customers.
  • Create and update case’s with supporting documentation or correspondence when technical information has been given.
  • Prepare learning materials required for education sessions.
  • Delivery of education sessions to customers in-salon, via remote Video platforms and at the Academy
  • Presenting and assisting at various events featuring technical information
In addition to the established tasks focused on internal employees and customers, there will be less conventional work objectives that requires a more strategic approach guided by the Education & Support Manager.
In this respect the role becomes critical to help the organization understand the appropriate use & application of the craft of hairdressing in order to support the sales & supply of product.  A well-developed understanding of how practical hairdressing skills influence the expected results for clients and stylists is therefore essential.
These will include but are not limited to:
  • Evaluating and Testing new products and innovations with a focus on the technical aspects of the product, its application and efficiency.
  • Recording & approving application and usage instructions for any new launch item prior to distributing any technical information
  • Recruiting, interviewing and trade testing new education team members
  • Develop and conduct annual appraisals for education team members to maintain consistency and quality
  • Propose & plan appropriate participation for our education team with the various suppliers according to their own Global training pathways and qualifications
  • When required we may encourage a senior educator to attend and represent the company at Global events and programmes
  • Attend wider industry events to scout and research new learning initiatives and emerging trends
  • Conceive, test & document all technical course formats made fit & ready for our customers and marektplace
  • Support the Education Manager in the review and implementation of the Education Program.
  • Communicate & Support all education team members with knowledge and awareness of the full workshop and in-salon session formats
  • Attend education meetings and sales meeting where appropriate

Market/Industry Knowledge:

  • A willingness to take an active interest in the professional hair & beauty industry is essential to become a valued decision-making partner. The best candidates will show a genuine interest in our clients, the marketplace and the challenges faced by customers.
  • We also encourage a strong understanding of staff in other roles via an ongoing schedule of visits and time spent in other departments.
  • Due to the nature of the role, it is critical that the candidate is working in  a commercial setting (salon or studio etc) for at least 1 working day per week in order to retain a common perspective towards paying clients and the pressures of being a creative member of the UK hairdressing industry.


One successful applicant will be predominantly based in Plymouth, Devon at our Head Office, whilst the other will be predominantly based in Exeter, Devon at our dedicated Content Studio and Creation centre. However, this is a multiple site role with an expectation that either one or both of the Senior Technical Educators are present for the majority of UK regional or national events. National AND International travel including overnight stays are a very common feature of the role. Travel and accommodation arrangements are always managed by the Education & Support Manager.

Your working hours are as per your contract. Please note that due to the nature of this role, we expect that additional out of office hours may be worked.

These may include (but are not limited to) overnight stays, travel on a Sunday evening ready to deliver Education on a Monday or a weekend event. Time in lieu or additional pay may be accrued/given for out of hours education and events. More information will be provided to any candidate whose application progresses to interview stages.

Start date & remuneration:

Varies (based on contracted hours)

Start asap

Hours & Work Pattern:

18 hours per week minimum



Please note that as part of your application, we request that all candidates record and attach a short video of themselves presenting and discussing one of the Keune lines. You may wish to prepare and record this in advance to beginning your application.


Our Education Team is made up of creative stylists and exceptional colourists from all parts of the UK. We also team up with top stylists for our collections, campaigns and innovations. Our Education Team is always on hand via our Pro Stylists group or via a call to help with any technical questions you may have or product advice you may need!