PH Group

   Keune Rewards Terms & Conditions 

  1. Please allow up to 24 hours for points to be added to your account, a customer must be enrolled before making an order to be eligible for points. We will not backdate ANY orders.
  2. Points will NOT be applied to items that are ‘Free of Charge’ or are part of a promotional offer.
  3. Enrolling into Elite Points Rewards will revert all products to a base price. Pro Points Rewards will also affect discounts on product prices. 
  4. Points are only attached to certain products. For more information on pricing and point allocation please contact your Keune Sales Consultant or email us at
  5. Rewards can only be redeemed in full, in one single transaction. We offer no part point redemptions and points cannot be exchanged for credit.
  6. Event Rewards are subject to availability and space, if a course or event is full or cancelled you will be offered a similar alternative. 
  7. Product Rewards are subject to stock, where a product is unavailable you will be offered an alternative Reward of similar value.
  8. Please read Event Rewards carefully as it will be stated if accommodation and travel will/ will not be included.
  9. Point allocation and withdrawal is at the discretion of Keune UK, if you believe to have an issue with points please contact us immediately at or 03331234411. 
  10. Once enrolled into the Rewards Store, we may occasionally use your information to contact you via email or call to let you know about new Rewards, or any other information about your account. However, your details will not be passed on to any other companies. 
  11. We reserve the right to change point values at any time.
  12. Please allow 3 days delivery on product redemptions, however bespoke or display items may take longer. Once you have redeemed a Reward you will receive a confirmation email and if there are any changes to the delivery times you will be notified.
  13. All items will be sent with free delivery to your Rewards account address, however for smaller items we may ask if you would like them to be sent with your next order.
  14. Goods delivered in good order and of merchantable quality shall not be returnable to PH Group UK Ltd except at the PH’s Groups absolute discretion, whereby a 25% handling charge will apply.
  15. If product deliveries are either damaged or not as advertised please contact us within 48 hours for a replacement to be arranged.
  16. To withdraw from this scheme at any time please contact us at or call 03331234411. 
  17. Rewards will not be sent to overdue accounts until payments are settled.

   If you have any immediate questions, please call us 0333 123 4411 or email