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Keune Rewards FAQs

Can I exchange points for monetary credit? 

No, points cannot be exchanged for credit. 

Can I backdate points for a purchase that was made before I was enrolled? 

 A customer must be enrolled before making an order to be eligible for points. Unfortunately, we cannot backdate any orders. 

If I do not have enough points can I pay the difference? 

Rewards can only be redeemed in full, in one single transaction. We do not offer part point redemptions. 

I have made a purchase but not points are showing on my account, what should I do? 

Please allow up to 24 hours for points to be added to your account, however if you think there may be a problem after this, then please get in contact! 

How will I know when I have enough points to redeem a Reward? 

Simply login into your Rewards account. At the top of the screen, you should see your points balance. You can also see what Rewards are available to you by using the ‘Enough Points’  toggle. 

Will I still be eligible for other product discounts once I have enrolled? 

No. Enrolling into Elite Points Rewards will revert all products to a base price. Pro Points Rewards will also affect discounts on product prices. 

What Rewards do you offer? 

We are offering a range of Rewards across 3 categories: Education and Events, Marketing and POS and Product Bundles. To view all of our Rewards login to the Rewards Store. 


   If you have any immediate questions, please call us 0333 123 4411 or email