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Creating great hair is an art. And Keune Haircosmetics has been empowering hair artists do just that for over 100 years. To celebrate, Keune has teamed up with contemporary artist Joseph Klibansky. Together we created a 100 Year Limited Edition Range with a unique piece of art, inspired by Keune’s creative heritage. From one artist to another, this bold, unique and colourful Keune Haircosmetics X Joseph Klibansky collab is designed to inspire hair artists around the globe to create without limits.

the keune x Joseph klibansky
100 years limited edition range

Since 1922, Keune Haircosmetics has been a trusted partner for hair artists all over the world. Our products have inspired them to create without limits and let their creativity shine. To celebrate the craft of hair styling, Keune is proud to present a collaboration with contemporary artist Joseph Klibansky. A creative force who is as daring and passionate as the hair artists we support.

Wrapped in a colorful, all-new Joseph Klibansky-designed packaging, the 100 Year Limited Edition Range presents our Keune Style products in a bold, new look. 

the royal tribute
hair serum

 To crown it all, we created The Royal Tribute Hair Serum: a brand-new multifunctional serum with a tulip-inspired fragrance. 

Captured side by side in our anniversary brand video, Joseph Klibansky and Keune’s Global Ambassador Daniel Yap show that creativity truly has no limits. Whatever your means of expression: we celebrate all forms of creativity and craftsmanship. 

mix it up!

Why only use our new serum as a finishing touch? Our Royal Tribute Hair Serum can be so much more than that. Mix, match and blend it with your favourite Keune Color, Care and Style products for endless possibilities. Are you ready to create without limits? Let’s go!


Nourished hair takes colour better, so why not play “mixologist” with your colour potions? Use max. 2 drops of The Royal Tribute Hair Serum per 30 ml Tinta Color, Semi Color or Color Chameleon. Silky, shiny, beautifully coloured hair guaranteed.


Elevate your hair wash game by using The Royal Tribute Hair Serum as a pre-shampoo treatment! Apply a few drops to the lengths and ends to nourish the hair even more. Or simply add our serum to your favourite conditioner or mask for added nourishment. Looking for an overnight repair treatment? Add a few drops of the serum to the lengths and ends before sleeping and rinse it out in the morning with your daily Keune Care routine. Trust us, your locks will love it!


Less is more? Not when it comes to hair styling. Throw some of our Royal Tribute Hair Serum in the mix to get even more out of your favourite Keune Style products. Try adding a few drops to our Blow-out Gelée for heat protection, hair that is easy to style and for a good hold.

Or add 1 drop of The Royal Tribute Hair Serum to our Soft or Strong Mousse for extra shine. Looking for the perfect curls? Mix the serum with our Curl Cream for extra definition and frizz-free locks.

Need a quick fix for unruly hair? Mix The Royal Tribute Hair Serum with our Straight Cream. Last but not least, you can also add the serum to the Forming wax, just add a few drops to a fingertip and you are good to go. Shiny, frizz-free, bouncy hair: we’re here for it.

Our 100 Year Limited Edition Range is made to inspire. To spark creativity for hair artists around the world. And now it’s up to you. Be bold.

Create without limits: let the world see what you can do!